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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Soph-arina Ballerina

Today was the Little Bean's trial ballet class. It seemed as though she had a fun time. They pretended to be flying unicorns and flapped their arms and ran around on their tip toes. They practiced touching their toes. They learned "first position" and pretended that their heels loved to kiss and their toes didn't like each other. They practiced arm positions while pretending their hands were fire crackers exploding in the sky etc.

In the car getting ready to walk into ballet for the first time.

The class is called pre-ballet and seemed pretty fun. Lots of running around. The Little Bean was such a good girl and so eager to please Miss Renee. She volunteered for EVERYTHING and followed instructions beautifully. Here are a few photos from the class.

We aren't sure if we are going to sign her up to the full class as she is required to wear the uniform which includes ballet shoes, tights, leotard, and a wrap thing. She must also wear her hair up and out of her face. All together with the outfit and the class, it is going to be $130! For 10 classes! She is only 3! It seems a little excessive to just twitter around the room pretending to be a flying unicorn...BUT the structure, the teamwork, the listening to the teacher, the taking turns, good sportsmanship, etc is important...The teacher seemed a bit uptight and doesn't normally allow parents into the studio. Maybe we will wait until next term....

We still have to check out gymnastics and horse riding school. Maybe those will be a better fit. I vote for gymnastics!

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