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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Pond

When we first moved into the new house I was beside myself with excitement at the idea of having a pond with a fountain. While I still LOVE the pond, it seems like that thing is a magnet for craziness. First Hank fell in, then Sophia fell in, then Daddy let them put a little boat in there, then Hank threw my keys in, then I found my garden trowel in there, then Hank fell in again....The list goes on forever.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time cleaning the gunk out of the pond, treating for algae, and fishing out rocks that my sweet son insists on throwing in there. When cleaning it out, we have to be super careful not to kill the newts, tadpoles, and all sorts of damselfly and dragonfly nymphs that make their home in the pond. Sophie LOVES to hold the newts and tadpoles, and I can't wait until we have some frogs too. She is always asking to put fish in there, but I can't imagine how much more maintenance would be required with fish! Plus Cash already barks at feathers, he would probably have a complete fit if he saw fish swimming in there.

The photos are of some bug (dragonfly?) molting beside the pond. It was the coolest thing EVER! There are those giant bug husks all over the area and Soph loves to play with them. Between the bug shells, the newts, tadpoles, and nymphs that pond is perfect for my little scientist kids. So, even though the pond is a lot of work, there are some serious benefits.
I love that the kids aren't afraid of the critters. Soph isn't even afraid of bees. She tells them, "Go away, bee. I'm not a flower."

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