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Friday, June 25, 2010

Village Life

Sophia goes to a little pre-school in a tiny little village. The road to the school is a teeny tiny one lane road with walls and hedges on each side. Recently, Hank and I were on the way to the school to take a few things to Soph when we drove up on a group of cars lined up. In the front of the line there was a farmer moving his cattle from one field to another. The cattle were being cattle and not exactly cooperating or in much of a hurry. Apparently the leaves of the hedges are delicious and can not be passed up. As the herd was quite large and it was apparent that were were not going anywhere for a while, I got Hank out of the car and we walked up to watch the cows. He was so crazy excited and ran almost right up to the cows. After watching the moos for a bit it was time to leave and the boy was NOT ready. In the end, I had to pick him up and carry him back to he car so the poor guy in the car behind us wouldn't be stuck any longer than necessary.

After I got him clipped in and got into my seat I realized that the kiddo has walked in cow poo and when I picked him up the poo got all over my shirt and shorts. GROSS. AND we were almost at the school. I went ahead and took the things inside and was teased mercilessly by Soph's teachers.

Despite cow poo on my clothes and cow herd traffic jams we really love living here. The village, the school, the back country roads, it is all a perfect fit for our family.

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