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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rough Week

The photos today are not from the "sick" period. I am sorry there are so many of the kids sitting in the chair but they were so silly that I couldn't just pick one. Soph was swimming and when she got out and climbed in the chair her brother wanted to join her. THEN to my complete astonishment they played... NICELY for a long time. They were giving each other raspberries and laughing hysterically about it. Hank still gets raspberries and kisses confused, so you never really know what you are going to get when he wants a snuggle.

The past week has not been blogged as there has been a series of unfortunate events at our house.
Friday - The Daddy went out of town for work.
Saturday - Soph woke up with a fever and Hank (who rarely gets a fever) was warm.
Sunday - The fevers get a bit silly at 103.6. With Soph's history I got worried.
Monday - Dr. determines that Soph has Strep and gives antibiotics.
Tuesday - Life was miserable with two sick kids and a mama who didn't feel good.
Hank feels worse and attaches himself to me only to cry hysterically
whenever I even think about putting him down.
Wednesday - Feeling better - still whiny, grumpy kids.
Thursday - Drove three hours to pick up mail, then one hour to visit Daddy.
While visiting Daddy, Soph falls and cuts her head open. Visit ER
Three hour wait in ER - Soph gets fixed up and we head home.
Friday - Get home at 0400 and everyone crashes.
Saturday - went for an eight mile run...pushing the stroller...with two kids...rough
Sunday - drive to visit Daddy and see Windsor Castle.

This next week we are going to take it easy.

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  1. I love the chair photos!! Thanks so much for keeping this blog up-to-date. It has definitely helped keep me sane in Riyadh. Tom and I leave in 19 days. I can't wait!!