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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Three

Cash has made it to his third birthday which is quite an accomplishment. From being found in a dumpster as a newborn puppy, getting lost in the woods at 3 months old, his terrible habit of chasing cars when visiting Nahla's house, and driving me completely insane it is amazing he has lived for three whole years!

Regardless of how kooky and goofy our crazy Cashy, we love him! He is the biggest snuggler in the world, he loves the kids and lets them aggravate him without complaint, and he is a great running partner. Did I mention what a snuggler he is. Daisy can only tolerate being petted for a limited amount of time before she gets up and walks away, Cash has NEVER walked away from a petting in his three years of life.
He is scared of lots of things to include feathers and the tent.
He is a great ambassador and has never met a dog he doesn't want to play with.
he is always available for kisses, regardless of whether his victim wants them or not.
He loves to play! We love our little Cashy Boy! Happy Birthday, to our sweet puppy baby!

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