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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ben Nevis!

I have been wanting climb Ben Nevis ever since we got here and the husband set it up for me last week!
Cash was super excited and couldn't wait to hit the mountain!

Daisy, not so much!

At one point, the Husband ended up carrying both kids up part of the mountain.  Hank-o fell asleep and was difficult to carry so the Daddy helped me out for a bit.

The little boy and his ride up the mountain.  That cute little guy got heavier with every step!

My hiking boys!

My mountain goat children.

My sweet baby boy.  Getting bigger and cuter by the second.

Cashy was our point dog.  He had to wait for us a LOT!

Getting ready to go.

Soph and her waterproof pants.  Those things were life savers on the trail.  It was so cold and so wet and so windy the poor thing would have frozen without those pants.

The tippy tip top of the mountain.  Cold, misty, windy, nasty.  FANTASTIC!

The monument near the tippy tip top.

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