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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The ZOO!

In an effort to use up all of our winnings of free tickets by the end of the season we went to the zoo.
The baboons were our first stop and were a huge hit.  We ended up there for a long time watching the babies and the mamas.  Sophia loved watching the younger baboons running, playing, and chasing each other.

Hank was pretty excited about the coin operated choo choo train.  Our kids are of the belief that all coin operated rides found around the country are broken.  They are happy to pretend and don't seem to need anymore than that!  

Sophia is getting to be a wonderful big sister.  Hank was afraid to go up by himself so Sophia went very slowly with him and waited on him step by step.  

My little baby baboons climbing like monkeys.

Soph had to hold his hand to cross the narrow little bridge.  What a sweet patient sister.

Our sweet patient sister is also growing at an astounding rate.  She refuses to accept this and insists on wearing her favorite clothes regardless of the fact that they are way way too little.  We took a photo of her to display her wonderful outfit.

A couple of big apes.

Our sweet little girl has discovered the idea of being a "photo bomb." She finds great pleasure in ruining any and all photos.  We are just ignoring the behavior in hopes of it going away on its own.  The benefit of this is that when she gets older the photos will be used to embarrass her.

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