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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beany Halloweeny

Our Halloween started out a bit sketchy when Hank the Tank refused to get dressed up in his costume.  As I feel halloween should be fun for everyone involved, including the mama, it was decided to leave poor Hank alone and leave the drama.

The Little Bean was more than happy to get dressed up.  She chose her own costume and accessories.  I think she looked just like Snow White.  We later decided her little brother could pretend to be one of the seven dwarves.

She was giving me a wink.  Love the smile on this one.

Our first stop.  Can you tell they are excited.

Even more excited.

We walked through the churchyard to get to the other side of the village.  It was super spooky with the tombstones and all.


This one didn't turn out too spooky, but I love that they are both smiling.

After we got home they both plopped on the couch.  Hank couldn't be bothers to even take his shoes off and his sister stripped down to her britches.  Then they dove into the candy with wild abandon.  They were so tired from walking all over the village but so worked up with the excitement it was hard to go to bed.

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