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Monday, November 7, 2011

Goats, Cows, Llama, and Deer

A last visit to the World of Country Life was in order as we had one more free deer train ticket to use up.  The deer train is a giant tractor that pulls a little train of cars into a big series of fields where they keep deer, llamas, cows, sheep and all sorts of other critters.

The Red Deer are insane and will follow the train hoping for some deer feed.  The llamas are a bit silly about the feed too.  My favourite are the Scottish Highlands Cows.  When hiking up in Scotland they are a bit scary out in the fields and make me really nervous when they have calves.  When in the little train, I get a false sense of security and LOVE LOVE LOVE those cows.  They don't usually come to people but poke around the edges of the train eating the feed off the ground.  While I didn't get one to eat from my hand, I did get her to come close enough to let me pet her.  Sweet gorgeous babies.

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