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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tea Party Morning

So there me was, getting the kids ready for school.  Hank as banned from his sister's room as is normal.  This time it was a little hard for Hank to deal with as his sister had set up an elaborate tea party in her room with all sorts of dolls and stuffed animals as guests.  After a few failed attempts to breach the door and join in the tea party, Sophia felt sorry for the child and moved all her tea party stuff out into the hall way where they had a most fantastic morning tea party.
Hank LOVES tea parties.  I think the real thing is that he is finally getting into the idea of pretend play.  He thinks it is the bee's knees to pretend to pour tea and eat pretend cakes.  He also likes to pretend cook (which mainly consists of stirring stuff and humming or singing about cooking.)

Sophia allowed Dressy Bessie to be the guest at the tea party.  As is common in almost all tea parties, Sophia is drinking directly from the tea pot!

She even humored him by letting him pour the tea.  She is not normally so patient and accepting and tends to enjoy being the hostess of the party and serving the guests.

It might not be obvious as Hank can be subtle, but he is really excited about this game he is playing with his big sister.

Here we see just how seriously our boy takes his tea.  He is really turning into a Brit.  I mean, he has lived here for the majority of his little life.

He frowns on Sophia messing with her socks and shoes at a tea party.  How uncouth!!

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  1. I think Hanko gets his subtly from his dear father.