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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My little Star and her friend, Daisy.
The little ones had their annual nativity last week and it was so cute!  The jist of the play was that there was a big giant start that was unable to shine.  The other stars (sophia) and all the other little ones tried to get her to shine by singing songs, telling jokes, dancing, etc.  The poor big star just couldn't shine.....until the baby Jesus was born.  When the big star saw the baby Jesus she began to shine so brightly that the shepards and kings were able to follow her all the way to Jesus.

The cast of the play

Please note the girls with the feathers on their heads.  They are the kings.  Not sure what is up with the feathers and why kings need them on their heads.  I thought it best to just leave it alone rather than appear politically incorrect!

The star in the middle was the big one that couldn't shine until she saw Jesus.  Soph is to the right.
My sweet baby girl!!

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