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Friday, December 2, 2011

What's Going On

What's been going on in the Beany House....

Things have been pretty busy around here. The house we are living in is having a problem with the structure and is actually sinking into the ground on one side.  Needless to say, we are moving to a new house.  The new house is within walking distance to the kids' schools and is just as lovely, if not more so, than the house we live in now.  We are packing and getting ready for the big move which is going to happen before Christmas.  In the meantime, we have the Little Bean' birthday party this weekend.  Can't quite believe she is turning five already!  She is having a swim party at an indoor pool in the neighborhood.  In addition to the other bits of craziness, we also have the normal holiday festivities and requirements from the school.  Sophia is going to be a star in the nativity....a star is her role, I am not implying that she is going to be the best in the show or anything.  Father Christmas/Santa/The Ho Ho Man is coming to Hank's school and we are all going to a big Christmas event on camp where the bearded one will make another appearance.
My computer died and it took me some time to get it up and running again.  Had to reinstall everything and nearly lost all of my files.  Just lost some of them in the end.  Now it is all better, so we should be back up and running with the blog again.

1.  The Baby Bean has been going to pre school and is enjoying it very much.  He is in love with his teacher, Miss Katie and insists that he sees her or her car everywhere.  He even tried to convince me that she drives Lightening McQueen car.  He is getting more and more verbal by the minute and is growing like a crazy weed.  (as can be seen by his trousers in the above photo).  The only problem is that he grows taller, but refuses to get any fatter.  The child can only wear pants that have adjustable waistbands or they just fall off his little frog butt!
He is a pretty funny guy.  The other day while taking a bubble bath, he put bubbles on his head and face and told me, "Mama, I da Ho Ho man!"   I don't know how he made this name up for Santa, but we all like it and are sticking with it.

2.  The Little Bean is finally settling into school and is really really happy.  She is doing so well that she was awarded, "Star of the Week" last week for being so kind and working so hard on her schoolwork!  She was so proud of herself!   

The photo above is of Sophia the day she got to wear regular clothes to school.  They had some sort of fun raiser for children in need and all the kids could wear either red, yellow, or polka dots rather than their uniforms.  Soph had picked out a gorgeous red dress that had some white polka dots on it.  When I left her room and went downstairs to get her some breakfast she was wearing the dress and looked gorgeous.   When I came out of the kitchen with her breakfast, she looked like the photo above.  For whatever reason, she decided the dress was not going to work out and ended up in the orange and brown polka dot shirt, a pair of pajama pants, and pink socks with giant white dots on them.  She was so excited about her outfit and all the polka dots that we just let her go to school like that. 
Please also note the beach balls in the background...those are the invitation's for soph's big 5th birthday party!  More on that later.
sorry for the rambling....

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  1. Very glad that the blog is up and running. Cannot believe that you will be moving before Christmas!! Also can't believe how big the kids are getting. I have been following this blog since the Little Bean was only about a year old (and the Baby Bean hadn't even been born!!). Keep up the blogging!!!!