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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby Bean!

Hank the Tank is now 3 years old today!  A wonderful little boy joined our family 3 years ago and has brought us laughter, joy, and snuggles from day one!  We are so grateful for our little guy!  We love you Hank!

We all have to admit that he was a bit lemur like when he first came to join us.  Cute, but lemur cute!  :) 

The new sheriff in town turned 1.

At 2 he looks more like a little boy rather than a baby!  That breaks my heart!

And now at 3, he is such a big boy!  How can he have changed so much in just three short years!  I may be a bit biased, but that child gets cuter by the minute!  At 3 he is so gorgeous I can't hardly stand it.  Those giant lemur eyes from his baby days have turned into beautiful big brown eyes that girls are sure to fall in love with! :) 
(note: the drink on the table appears to be Mr. Dew.  I would like to assure the reader that it does not belong to any of the children at the birthday party!)

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