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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent the Easter weekend with a wonderful friend on the Isle of Wight!  Easter morning found us, well, Sophia, getting dressed up in her Easter finery! 

When we went down for breakfast the children found empty easter baskets at their places and it didn't take them long to start planning their egg gathering strategies.  They ate better than ever as they knew they couldn't go out for the eggs until the plates were clean. 
Hank was less interested in his Easter outfit and was content to have breakfast and hunt eggs in his Sherrif Woody pajamas. 

Showing off his loot!

After the poor old Easter Bunny woke up extra early to hide the eggs and baskets it started pouring down the rain.  We couldn't complain much as there is a bit of a drought and we desperately need the rain.  The lovely owner of the B&B ran outside to rescue the baskets for us.  The eggs were plastic so they survived the downpour without issue.
The children were unconcerned about the weather and splashed around while hunting their eggs.

Back at our room they gathered their Easter haul and posed for a photo.  Shortly there after we headed out to the dinosaur museum, the Needles, and a nice Easter hike.  The children didn't really even eat any of their candy until today!  They are making up for lost time!

When asked if she had a nice Easter Sophia replied, "I think the Easter Bunny got a little carried away with the eggs."

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