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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beachy Babies

Beach fun here in the USA!  I did my best to build a sand replica of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, but I think it is lacking in a few details!  :)

These guys were working for the Panama Canal! 

The Little Bean got a boogie board the other day and has been trying to convince us that it is surfboard!  She insists on trying to ride it standing up and the above photo is the result. 

The Baby Bean has shown an aversion to the ocean since we have been here and cries everytime the water touches his crazy feet....until the other day when we went to the beach.  Daddy took him into the water and for the first time he didn't scream as though he was being put into a vat of acid.  He actually liked it.  Then, as is normal for my children, he turned a 180 and refused to get out of the water.  Strange little weasel.  I am just happy that he is enjoying the beach a bit more.

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