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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arts and Crafts

A couple of weeks ago Sophia scored this horse book. It looked simple enough and she is horse mad, so why not. This is a great example of the need to look more closely at the items your child chooses for herself.

The book is awesome. The projects are amazing. And it is really fun...if you are a grown up! This book tricked me with it pop out horses.

The truth is that you have to paint them. (really paint them, like shading and shadows sort of stuff). Then you have to use embroidery thread to make manes and tales. This is a in depth project and I spent a lot of time helping Sophia unravel the thread so it looked like hair. Don't get me started on the paper clip hoof things.

Then, just when you think you are finished you find detailed drawings and measurements for making barns, feed troughs, brushes, jumps, etc.

We managed to make one horse and one barn. I am exhausted.

Maybe we should save the other 20 horses for when she is 16 or so.

To be honest the book is amazing and the projects are crazy cool, just a little much for a five year old.

Ps. I am typing this on my phone so please be forgiving of typos.

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