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Monday, September 24, 2012

After School Adventures

One of the benefits of half day school is that we have all afternoon to poke around and find adventures!
This afternoon the kiddos talked me into going to the beach. It was such a fun time!
Our family never ever just relaxes on the beach. We take shovels and buckets and gather rocks, shells, sea grass and all sorts of other stuff to build castles, lakes, moats, etc.
we like to go as the tide is coming in so our lakes and moats can be filled with water.
Every time a decent size wave brings water to the trenches feeding into the lake and moat we all scream, "water!" I don't know why but we get so excited seeing the water flow into our sand castle's fortifications.
Hank loves to decorate the castles with shells and rocks and such but he mainly enjoys jumping into the lake and walking up the moat. He also likes to pretend that these areas are populated with alligators and sharks that are trying to attack and eat him. Soph is a bit more into the digging and designing of the castle. She is such a hard little worker.
The photos are from today's adventure. I like the one of the sunbeam landing directly on Sophia's head. I also like where Hank is screaming that the water is coming!
What a lovely afternoon!

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