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Friday, October 26, 2012

Entomologist Bean

SPIDERS! The Little Bean has become very interested in spiders. So interested that the rest of us are forced to walk around in the woods searching for spiders to look at and photograph. We are also forced to inspect the various arachnids she finds, discuss the different atributes of each spider, etc. It is quite interesting but a bit exhausting. I have used google more times that I can count to identify the various spiders we have found around the house and surrounding areas.

Black and yellow garden spider Wolf spider Goldensilk spider Funnel spider Grass spider Harvestman spider just a few of our spider finds!

1 comment:

  1. Spider identification is notoriously difficult.

    Apparently North America is home to over 3,000 identified spider species, I expect when they look closer they'll find there are rather more species that just look similar to each other.

    Best to find a local expert who shares her passion, who can not only identify them correctly (and without using Google), but knows where to look for them.

    Woodbury Common has some lovely little spiders that live in the orchids, and unless you went looking in the orchids for them you probably never saw them.