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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zombie Run

Last weekend the husband and I traveled to Auntie K and Uncle Giant's place for a visit and to take part in a charity run. It was the coolest run ever. Not only did it have obstacles and mud, but there were zombies too. Zombies whose main goal was to chase and catch you in order to take your life (smal piece of red cloth like that used to play touch football.) The event took place just as the sun was setting to make it even more spooky. The best part of the whole thing was that it was in support of Ride To A Wish, a charity set up to help children with terminal illnesses see a wish come true. The event was well organized and a whole lot of fun. The zombies were all volunteers and some of them took their zombie duties very very seriously. They were all made up and many in cool costumes. Some of the younger boys displayed the lives they had taken on their belts or around their shirts. One child was super spooky as she walked towards us with her arms out sayd, "Come play with me." in a super zombie spooky voice. I was the first to die and the husband was the only one to finish the entire race with his life intact. So proud of my super speedy husband. No doubt the efforts of myself, Auntie K, and Uncle Giant blocking the zombies helped protect the husband's life.

The above was a zombie family at the end of the race. 
After we ran we were super hungry.
Apparently Auntie K was hungry for more than just a pulled pork sandwich....She wanted BRAINS!

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