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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back In The Saddle

The Little Bean had her first American horseback riding lesson today. Despite some changes in vocabulary everything else was pretty much the same.
The one big difference was that here each riders must take care of their horse. Sophia had to muck the stall, curry her horse, help tack her up and then lead her to the mounting steps. She did a beautiful job.
She also learned a new move called "two point" where one rides standing in the stirrups with her hands on the horses neck and mane. A movement to prep for future jumping. (Not too sure about that). But apparently the move is pretty tough and Soph was super excited when she was able to do the move while trotting!
The instructor was amazing and I think I learned as much as Sophia since the instructor explained why she did everything, not just how to do it.
After the ride Sophia led her pony, Lola, back to the stall, took off the saddle, changed her into a harness, and brushed her down.
Lots of work for a little one but she did an amazing job!

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