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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cash's Worst Day Ever!

In this photo he is all snuggled up after getting home and having a bath.
(he hates baths)

So, there we were.....
     All the Beans were walking in the woods today.  We took Cash down to the creek which was super muddy along the banks.  Cash leaned over the creek sniffing at something when suddenly the bank gave way.  Cash splashed head first into the water and disappeared below the surface.  He quickly came bobbing back up and swam to the bank but was unable to climb out because it was too steep.  I tried to get him to swim to the other side of the creek or even down stream a little ways where the bank wasn't quite so steep but poor scared Cash just clung to the same spot and whined and whined.  The whine eventually wound itself up into a sort of howl/yelp sound.  Poor puppy boy.  I didn't even know he could swim at all as he never ever goes into water deeper than his chest. 

Cash is not a small dog but we had not choice but to try and fish him out of the water.  As I was putting down the backpack, keys, phone, etc the kids were certain I would end up in the gross muddy creek with Cash.  I braced my foot on a rather spindly tree and reached down for Cash.  I couldn't reach him, but with a bit of encouragement he tried to climb the bank again and got just far enough for me to grab his collar.  Did I mention the dog weighs nearly 100 pounds!  It took a few minutes and a bit of a struggle but we managed to fish Cashy boy out of the creek and up the steep muddy bank. 
Thank goodness the spindly tree held, the bank didn't give way, Cash scrambled with all four crazy legs, I pulled with all my strength, and the kids cheers as loud as they could!

Cash didn't go near the creek for the rest of our long walk.

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