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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Zoo

Last weekend the Husband wanted to go to a motorcycle event down south so he took us to the zoo and when we left in the afternoon he stayed on for his bike thing. I thought it was a decent compromise even if it was a bit sketchy! The zoo was lovely and the kids had a fantastic time. The only negative was that it rained on us like CRAZY and it was really quite chilly. We should have been prepared like all the Brits and brought our umbrellas, wellies, and mackintoshes (rain coats) but alas, we just got really wet and slightly chilled.
The petting zoo is always the favorite part!
At one point during our visit Hank lost his shoe. While he and the Daddy went back to find it, Sophia and I waited and watched the peacocks. The crazy birds roamed freely around the zoo and pranced around as though they were in charge of the whole place. While we were waiting a cat came up to us. Soph asked if she could hold it and climbed in to the stroller. Ten minutes later the cat was purring itself to sleep as Soph petted it. I was shocked on two levels...1) Sophie usually pets cats a bit aggressively and they tend to scratch her and run off, but she was so gentle with this guy and 2) what the heck was that crazy cat thinking just to curl up in a strangers stroller and purr itself to sleep. Strange. By the time the Daddy got back from the shoe search Sophia was trying her hardest to spin a tail of the cat's sad homeless existence and its need of a sweet little girl to take him home. Based on the look of the cat he was well taken care of there at the zoo. He seemed to get on very well with the peacocks!
Not sure if the Daddy's crazy eye was for the peacock flipping his feathers in his face or for me not taking the photo quickly enough!?

This was the Little Bean's lion imitation. It is clear that her brother is less than impressed.
on the way out there was a stuffed gorilla for photographs. All I really notice is how exhuasted my little girl is!

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