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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poor Poor Daisy Girl

My poor sweet Daisy has a nasty cut on her leg. She had to go to the vet and was given a bandage. They gave me a cone just in case the bandage came off and she started to chew the wound. The evil Daddy had to put the cone on her to take a photo. Poor baby puppy girl. She did not pull her bandage off and did not have to wear that nasty cone. Phia went with me to take Daisy to the vet and was super excited when she came out with a hot pink bandage!

The dress was purchased in honor of the Nahla. Soph calls it her Gypsy Princess dress. She also refused to let me photograph her in it until I offered to cut her a rose to hold in the picture. I also learned that gypsy princesses either go barefoot or wear big fuzzy pink winter boots.

Being a little brother, Hank took off with his sister's rose as soon as she wasn't paying attention. I guess he can be a gypsy prince. Five seconds after this photo was taken, he had pulled all the petals off the rose and threw them around the patio.

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