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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Photos From Wales

While having lunch at a park near the castle, Soph and Hank made some new friends. This little girl, Isabelle, spent a really long time with Soph racing around the park. She then took poor baby Hank on a bicycle ride. It didn't look very comfortable, but he seems happy enough in the photo.

The hardest thing about Wales is that the language is crazy and seems to have something against vowels. Even the streets had names we couldn't even begin to pronounce which made directions....interesting. You can see the Welsh on the sign in the photo above, thankfully they had English up there too. If not, it would have been like we were back in Russia or Algeria or worse. The road was painted with the word SLOW on it and beside it in Welsh was ARF. Apparently ARF means slow. Regardless of the voweless Welsh words, the people up there had the most wonderful accent. It was so nice to listen to them speak. It was even better than the Scottish accent and that is one of my favorites.
This was a sign posted out in the rural area where there were sheep all over the roads. While we have no interest in stealing sheep we thought the illustration was pretty funny.

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