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Monday, June 7, 2010


A sign we saw while up in Wales. Yuck!
The family headed up to Wales on Friday to take a look around. We didn't really have a plan except to visit Cyfarthfa Castle and check out a waterfall. Wales is gorgeous and the people we met were super friendly. Here are a few photos.

Cyfarthfa Castle. No one would believe that we were the rightful heirs. They wouldn't even give us free sandwiches at the cafe. How rude. Princess Sophia was completely offended.

I think this picture looks like Hank is going to be a future fly fisherman. We are going to send him to Montana with our friend M so he can get lessons!


  1. Suit up! I'm ready to fly fish with the Hankster. M

  2. Great photos! I am not sure where to start with my comments, too much to work wit on this post! ;)