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Monday, July 26, 2010

Carriers of Disease

We have been sick for nearly two weeks now. This is getting ridiculous. Between the stomach bug and now the upper respiratory bug we have been down and out here at the Beany house. I fully blame all of this on pre school. Those little germ factories run around slobbering on each other and sharing illnesses, then bring their viruses home to infect their families! Honestly, I have seem more vomit in the time since Soph started Pre-School than in the past 10 years. These illnesses have been dubbed, the Pre-School Plague at our house.

In between the bouts of illness we managed to do a bit of hiking, visit the beach with the pups, and work in the garden, etc. During this time we also had the opportunity to take Soph for her first movie at the cinema, Toy Story 3. She was so excited, but really had no idea what a cinema was except that it involved candy and popcorn. It was loads of fun at first but as she got tired she started asking to go home. As soon as she got out of her seat and sat on my lap, she was okay again and finished the movie. As she is a "bit" dramatic, she gets upset when the characters in the movies get upset. When Woody and the gang were nearly burned up at the dump she got pretty worked up. But in the end all was okay in the movie as with Soph.

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