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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Lingo

Random photos below.

While I LOVE living in UK and the people here have been unbelievably warm, friendly, helpful, and so very welcoming, there are certain words and phrases that drive me CRAZY! Most of which are brought home from work or school by Daddy and Sophia.

Loafing - When one leaves something loafing they have not put it away. The husband is ALWAYS talking about things, shoes, toys, etc that have been left loafing. It drives me crazy as it is an annoying term coupled with nagging!

Essence - I am not sure what is going on with this one, but it is used in the following way, "Wow! That is essence!" This really drives me nuts as I am constantly wondering what it is the essence of? The husband uses this one often and purposely to make me crazy.

Brecki - This is the shortened word for "breakfast." It is really strange to hear a huge tough Royal Marine talking about going to the mess for a bit of brecki! Just use breakfast, they are both two syllable, no one is saving time by using the cutsie version. This goes the same for the term Uni which is used for university.

Cheers or Cheers mate! - This is a total catch-all word/phrase. It can mean anything from thank you, your welcome, hello, good-bye, great idea, okay, any many others. This is another of the husband's favorites!

Hoofing - pronounced Whoo-fing. It means something is really fantastic. This is not just UK slang, but specifically used by Royal Marines or Boot Necks. Another of the husband's contributions.

Eyebrows and queens - Royal Marine slang term meaning that you are really serious. So serious that if you are lying then you will shave your eyebrows or the queen will die.

Jordy - a person from Newcastle
Jock - a person from Scotland
Taff - Welsh person

School was initially a bit of an issue for poor Soph as she was often not understood and the other way around. The teachers even had to pull us aside to speak with us about the problem and figure out ways we could help her. She is doing fine now as children are so adaptable. She learned that a jumper is a sweatshirt, a sami is a sandwich, plemsoles are school shoes, a baddy is a boo boo, being poorly means that you are feeling sick a jab is a shot (immunization) and a zillion more.

It didn't take Soph or the Daddy long to get used to the new words. I can only imagine how quickly the kids would have pick up a new language if we were in a country where English (whatever version) wasn't used.

The best part of the whole situation is that the Husband's workmates are funny, sarcastic blokes and we have a great time making fun of the way each other talk. To hear Jon say "yard" with my southern accent was both hilarious and a little painful/embarassing. These are some really great guys and we are super lucky to be living here!

The many expressions of my sweet and silly baby boy.

After the husband made me scrape all the moss from our flagstones, I collapsed and was immediately jumped on by two goofy little kids. They never let a chance for a dog-pile go to waste. The photos are of them jumping on and harrassing their poor mother while she was down.

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