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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Daddy had to PM the bikes before we left.
Please note the Little Bean's outfit. Another one of her origional designs!

We decided to take a little bike ride yesterday to the park. Soph didn't enjoy the last bike ride because it was cold. It took a lot of convincing to get her back on the Daddy's bike (and a promise to stop and get candy on the way). This time it was warm (a little tiny bit chilly) and we all had an awesome time. The Daddy goes way faster than I do so Phia was yelling, "Yahoooooo!" most of the way.

The way back was all uphill and apparently, I went a bit too slowly for Hank. The boy was kicking me in the back. Daddy didn't exactly help this when he showed Hank how to whack me and say, "HiYA!!"
I am fully aware of how dorky we look, but it is fun to bike with the kids, so we will just be one big family of goobers!

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