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Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Vacation 2010 - Leg One

sorry the pictures are in a jumble. I will try and fix it tomorrow. Right now, I have to get the kids to bed. The narrative is at the bottom.

The first stop on our family vacation was France and Disneyland Paris. We took the chunnel from the UK into France and then it was just a quick three hour drive to Disneyland!

The Chunnel was pretty wierd as we had to drive our car onto a train, then sit in there for about 30 minutes while the train traveled under the channel and then back out to France. It was so fast and well organized! Fantastic!

Disneyland Paris was really fantastic. It is much much smaller than the US versions, but as the kids have never been to one before they had nothing to compare it to. The personnel there were so super nice and the characters were absolutely fantastic. They were so nice and took time with each child. They were super patient with the kids who were shy and just so nice. I can't believe we waited an hour and a half to meet Princess Tiana. BUT she was so nice and talked to us for quite some time. THEN at the parade they saw us and recognized us, they waved and blew Sophia kisses.

Sophia's favorite were the parades. She even stayed awake until 2225 to see the night parade with the lights. Then begged for more parades the next day. She was totally dissapointed to find out that they only go once a day. I think we may have ruined her when we took her to Mardi Gras. She is obsessed with `parades!

Hank-o loved loved loved the carousel. He cried each time we had to get off the ride.

The road trip part is going quite well. The kids have watched a million movies, Daddy and I have pretty much memorized about every Disney movie and Scooby Doo ever made!

More to come when we get to another internet spot. Days have been long and everyone has to crash at the end of the day!

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  1. It doesn't matter that they are jumbled because they are ADORABLE. I love love love Hank and excalibur! So funny. And the painted face on Phia is oh so telling. ;) Looks like a blast, I am so happy for you guys! Be safe!