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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Pics From Disney

A few more quick photos from Disney. I was clearly pretty exhausted yesterday when I typed up that post. This one will be short but should make more sense and use the word "nice" less often!
The guys in the tea cups.
Look at that super handsome boy...you can decide which one is super handsome.
Only the first day was pretty weather, the rest of the time it was sooooo rainy. Not just a little bit rainy, but super drenching rain. We just squelched around the park and tried not to get trench foot! :)
This is how Hank spent the hours in the car. NOT reading the books, just balancing them on top of his head!
Hanko got a little dizzy in the tea cups!
A close up of Soph's kitty face. It was such a beautiful glittery work of art! It only lasted about an hour because the rain washed it all away. She was so excited about it that she meowed, purred, and hissed the rest of the day. When we met Mickey Mouse he pretended to be afraid of her because she was a cat. That really cracked her up!
We always said we would put Soph in horseback riding lessons, but I think Hank has natural talent!
This one is for the Nahla!

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