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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Summer Ball

The Royal Marines held their Summer Ball yesterday. We managed to find a fantastic babysitter, got all fancied up, and joined in the festivities.

Soph was pretty excited about us getting all dressed up. After we left, our friend N fixed her up with make-up and hairpins so she could be dressed like a "princess." She thought the Daddy looked like, "Prince Daddy." I agree that he looked very handsome and dashing. I think we could even use the term, "dapper" seeing as we are in England and all.

They had a bull riding machine and a quick draw laser shoot out game. There were also casino games and pretend money to gamble with that had been printed out with the face of the CO. Pretty funny stuff. Of course, as everyone got a bit more "relaxed" with the free wine, there were loads of people riding the bull. The husband and I thought we should try it out as well.

Our friend N and C agreed to watch the kiddos for us. There were stellar babysitters and neither Soph or Hank could have cared less when we left. Apparently everyone was well behaved and had a great time. I think the Husband was a bit jealous when we got home to see Cash snuggled up and half asleep laying on the couch with N. He never lays with us on the couch. N told us he was laying draped over them sleeping and snuggling the whole night. Crazy dog. When they were leaving to head home, they told Cash to get his stuff and they would take him with. I was totally shocked that the dog didn't have his bed, brush, food bowl and leash staged at the door. He decided to stay with us! WHOO-HOO!

The next big gala is in six months. I think it will take me that long to recover from this one! :)


  1. You guys look great! MJ

  2. You guys look amazing! Glad you had a great kid free night!