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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Tent

These first two photos have nothing to do with the tent. They are just of Hanko wearing Daddy's hat and looking cute.

So...we found out that campsites in Europe charge you by person and by the number of tents. The Husband and I had planning on taking two of our small two-man tents until we found out about the charges and saw a super deal at Halfords for a family camping package. It came with a four man tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, gas cooking stove thing, and all sorts of other stuff AND it was over half off. We thought we should put the tent up before we went on our little adventure. Once the tent was up, no one could believe how GIGANTIC it was. It was so big that the Husband could just walk around in it without stooping!! There is a living area in the middle and two sleeping areas on either side. The Husband and I have never camped in anything other than one or two man tents so we couldn't believe how nice it was to have a huge tent where one can actually walk around (or run around if you are 3 or below).
Someone....Hank...deleted the photos I took of the whole tent when he was playing with the camera. Anyway, the pic above is of the whole fam in one of the sleeping sides.
The Husband zipped two of the sleeping bags together and Daisy couldn't help herself, she had to crawl in and snuggle up.
As Daisy has camped lots of times, she thought the tent was fantastic. Way better than the time I insisted on sleeping under the stars in Kazakhstan. The dog was offended at the idea of sleeping on just a blanket. She stood outside our friend T's tent and whined until she was allowed in and snuggled up with the other pups and T. Spoiled mongrel. Cashy has only camped one other time and it was raining when we wedged the Daddy, Mama, baby-Soph, Daisy, and Cash into a two-man tent that leaked. Maybe it was that experience or maybe it is because he is weird, but he was scared to death of the tent. Maybe it was because his sister, Sophia had been chasing him around with a, gasp, FEATHER earlier and he was still skittish! Poor Cash is so afraid of feathers that he runs and hides from Soph when she has one. And by hide, I mean, NO ONE can find him.
Nahla sent Soph a princess sleeping bag and she had to test it out. Hanko got a Buzz Lightyear one from the free community closet!

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