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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crazies At The Beach

Took the kids and dogs to the beach this morning. It has been raining for ten thousand years and finally this morning the weather cleared so we just had to take advantage of it! School has started so the beach was relatively quiet and empty. You have to love the Brits, during the winter the entire beach is open to dogs and during the summer two areas of the beach remain dog friendly. I LOVE dog beach.
Hank is looking for sea glass for Nahla. Not really, he is actually refusing to leave the beach and pretending he can't see or hear me, but the pic is sort of cute either way.
My sweet puppy baby!
This is how I managed to get Hank to leave...Sophia chased him over to me while growling and making claw hands! ;)
Regardless of the fact that the water is FREEZING, my sweet little goofball had to wade in up to her waist! Daisy thought it was great as she didn't have to leave the water to chase her frisbee over and over!
My babies!
Isn't that puppy cute!
Still loving the water even when getting whacked by the waves.

Even though it was a little bit chilly this morning, the entire beach trip was super fun.

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