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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dog Hide and Seek

The latest favorite game in this house is hide and seek with the pups. This game involves Sophia taking a dog treat, piece of cheese, or turkey and hiding while I keep the dogs in the kitchen. Once she is hidden the dogs are told to find her. The pups search the house sniffing away until they find her. When they go over to her, she gives them the treats.

Daisy is pretty good at this game, IF the right treat (cheese) is involved. Cash doesn't really seem to get it most of the time. He mainly just follows Daisy around and gets the treats when Soph hands them out. Sometimes he actually finds Sophia, but doesn't really know what to do. He just stands there looking at her until Daisy goes over and gets the treats started.

Sophia thinks this game is the best ever and is getting really good at hiding. If the dogs take too long to find her she is unable to supress her giggles and gives away her position. The dogs listen for her and as soon as she makes the smallest noise, they race to get the treats.
A fun game all around.

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