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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Park and Various Updates

There is a small park outside the area where we go to gymnastics, and even though the crazy kids wear themselves out at the gym, they always want to go to the park afterwards.

Sophia has decided to be a big girl and get into the big swing all by herself. When I asked her to stop growing up she informed me that she was unable to control her growing.
--She has also become a dog expert. The other day Cash was being his naughty self and I told him to sit. He chose to act like the crazy goober that he is instead of sitting. Sophia explained to me that I needed to use my "daddy" voice if I wanted Cash to listen to me.
--Sophia called me into her room tonight as she was going to sleep to tell me that she loved bacon and to ask if God makes the rain and if he is in charge. She also wanted to know how God made trees, did he use nails or magic and did he say, "abra cadabra?" Apparently my answers about God were sufficient because as I stood outside her room I could hear her singing about bacon. The thoughts going through my baby's mind as she settles down to rest.

--Hank-o is really starting to show his personality. He "talks" constantly even though we only understand a tiny fraction of what he is telling us. He uses signs a great deal, both the ones we taught him as well as ones he has made up and taught us!
--He loves loves loves Scooby Doo. Whenever he sees a tv he shouts, "Oooby-Doooooooo!" He even picked out a Scooby stuffed animal when we were out recently. Usually he doesn't pay attention to anything in particular in stores, but when he saw Scooby, he ran over shouting about Ooby-Doo! Needless to say, I bought him the little toy and he sleeps with it. He has never really had a lovey or blankie or anything, so we are hoping Scooby will become his security item.
--While out for a walk in the forest near our house, Hank discovered wild blackberry brambles. This wooded area is FULL of blackberries, I can't even begin to explain how many blackberries populate the common. The walk in the woods ended up taking forever to go a very short distance. The child picked and ate a zillion blackberries. When we finally got back to the trailhead his face and hands were smeared with purple. The funny thing is that he doesn't like the blackberries that grow in the back yard/garden area. Maybe the wild ones just taste better.
--He has learned a very annoying behavior from his sister...the crossed arms. Whenever we tell him no or take something away he crosses his arms on his chest and makes a snarley face. It is actually really cute, but we don't let him know that.

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