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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pre School - An Outsider's View of Your Child

This is the second term that Sophia has attended pre school. This term she is doing very well and is settling back into her routine quite easily. She is talking about school a great deal more at home and is better able to describe her daily activities than last term. According to UK school rules children begin primary school (elementary school) the term they turn five. This means that Soph will be going to "big kid" school next September. Not sure if this is good or bad as we will head back to the states shortly after the end of the first term and the rules there would not have her starting school for another year or so.

Anyway one of the most interesting parts of school is being able to see your child through the eyes of another adult...an adult who has spent countless hours with any number of other children.

The good half of this observation is that Soph is an energetic and bright little girl who is confident and fiercely independent and refuses to be intimidated by the class bully. According to the teacher, he hasn't bothered her since the first incident last term. I can't get any details except that Sophia stood up to him and he backed down. (Who knew there were bullies in preschool!)

The downside is that Soph loves to be the center of attention, often times insisting the entire class stop what they are doing to watch her dance/flip/jump etc.
She can't be bothered to make an effort to learn the names of the other children.
She never manages to eat much of her lunch because she chooses to talk rather than eat. By the time she is ready to eat, lunch time is over. Soph generally eats her lunch in the car on the way home.

Not sure what all this means about my little Sophie-bug, but it sounds spot on.

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