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Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am not sure who hit the fast forward button, but time seems to be going by so quickly, that the last couple of years seem like a blur.  Sophia is a week away from turning FOUR and we are getting ready to start the year 2011!  I think back to when I was in the Marine Corps and my end of service date was the year 2000.  I thought that year would never ever come and that when it did, I would be super old.  I guess people who are just graduating school consider 23 to be elderly.  Now, here we are, 10 years from my idea of super old.  Daisy dog is getting ready to turn 11, Hank-o isn't a baby anymore, and we only have one more year left in England.  Someone REALLY needs to tell me how to slow things down or maybe show me where the pause button is located.

Soph is on some crazy brain/body growth spurt.  In the last month she has suddenly learned her abc's and a load of other songs to include a bunch of old songs like lollipop and bread and butter!  She is learning Christmas songs too and seems to pick them up so fast after just hearing them once or twice.  She is also going to be in her first nativity play next month and will be debuting as a sheep.  I was informed that her friend Esme was going to be "Baby God's Mama." Never heard Jesus referred to that way, but it is cute.  Physically she is getting so big so fast.  We can't swing dance like we used to anymore because she is too tall and her arms are too long.  That is just a Daddy dance now.  All her clothes suddenly seem to be small on her and her nightgowns have managed to turn into mini dresses overnight!  She has almost perfected her head stand and back bend, and I expect a cartwheel any minute.  While I am proud of how big she is getting, her independence, and her thoughtful insight on so many things, it makes me a little sad.  I think this is why people have more babies.  It is NOT the instinctual need to procreate, but rather that strange sadness that comes from seeing your baby turn into a big girl/boy. 

 Speaking of boys, Hank-o hasn't hit that strange fast track of speed growing and learning that Soph has, but he is still full of surprises and ....beans!  Today we went to get Daddy for a WHOLE 24 HOURS!  Hank was so excited when he walked to the car he started shouting, "da da da da da ah ah ah ah ah aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" It was pretty cute.  He still isn't talking very much, but he is very good at mimicking the syllables and intonations, just not the consonants that begin the words.  We immediately notice if he is getting taller because he will be able to reach and or climb up to some new area and make a mess.  He is now officially able to touch the computer keyboard while standing on the floor.  This is a terrible development as I now have to keep the desk closed and can't just stroll by and check my email or whatnot. 
My two big girls!  Daisy does not want to be in this picture as one can tell by her ears, but she endures the torture as it is WAY better than being chased around the house by Hank and his popper thing.  I think she is aging beautifully and gray suits her!  :)

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