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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pony Centre

Sophia insisted Nahla be taken to the pony centre while he visited, and because we always listen to the requests of three year olds, we headed straight over.  One may notice that out of all the photos from the Nahla visit, she is in only around 5% of them.  She is taking most of the pics.  
Event the horse thinks his mud obsession is a little bit crazy.

 I wish I had a sweet little donkey baby! Donkeys are fast becoming my favorite animals ever!  They are just so sweet and mellow and soft and wonderful  I love them.
 He looks like a little British gentleman farmer out checking his livestock!
No visit to the pony centre is complete without a pony ride!
Soph disappeared for a bit and we found her on the backside of the tree loving on this sweet little guy.
Hank's head was too small to fit the helmets, so he was not allowed to ride the big ponies.  As a consolation prize he was allowed to sit on the shortest, fattest, laziest pony ever.  What a sweet little guy.
this is what our little boy did when he was told it was time to leave the indoor play area.  He went to the corner farthest away from the entrance and flopped down.  No one could get him to come out.  Crazy bug.  Daddy finally had to climb into the ball pit and extricate the little lad!  In his defense, it was pretty cold outside and pretty warm and cozy at the indoor play area.

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