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Friday, February 4, 2011

Aimless Afternoons

Since we have had some illnesses in the family to include ear infections and general upper respiratory viruses, we have missed a few days of school and gymnastics.  The house has been filled with crankiness and irritability.  The time has been passed with long naps, antibiotics, and continuously failing attempts to stick with quiet games and activities. 

Hank can not get enough of the videos of cars, trucks, construction equipment on YouTube.  This is my favorite picture because it show a NIVA LADA.  The little Russian car/truck that can do anything and go anywhere.  A friend of mine owned one of these while we lived in Kazakhstan and that car was the coolest EVER.  It is so sad they can't be imported on to the US.  At least they couldn't when I was is K'stan.
Sophia and Pre School Ted having a snack in the living room.  Soph and Hank have recently discovered a deep and enduring love of corn.  The way they like it best is to open a can of corn, pour it in a bowl, and eat it.  No heating, no frozen corn, and no fresh corn.  Since they are picky little eaters the snack includes fruit, carrot sticks, banana slices, cheese, crackers, and Sophia's two favorites; summer sausage and string cheese.  She asked us to get more string cheese the other day but she couldn't remember the name, she kept calling it "hair cheese."  It took a little while before we could figure out what she was talking about. 

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