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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hungry Hippos!

The new thing in our house is board games.  The games aren't new; the interest by Soph is.  Each night when Hank goes to bed Soph begs us to play a game with her.  She pulls out Candyland, Curious George, Shoots and Ladders, Go Fish, ANYTHING.  Not sure if the game play is what she enjoys or the attention from the parents, probably both.  She is so into this that when she gets it in her head that she wants to play a game, she starts telling Hank to go to bed.....even if it is 1700 or 1800.  She is doing pretty well with the rules and the possibility of not winning.  There is minimal cheating and while she gets grumpy when she doesn't win, she doesn't throw fits or quit playing (like some adults we know).  :) 

Yesterday we thought we would pull out a game that Hank could play too....Hungry Hungry Hippos.  This is my favorite game EVER.  We really thought Hank would push the hippos but he was more interested in the little marbles.  He would steal our winnings out of our trays and put them back into the game.  When I looked up at one point, I noticed Soph and Daddy were holding their hands over their trays and Hank was just stealing my winnings and letting Daddy and Soph gobble it up!  Needless to say, I didn't win those games. 

I love how seriously Soph is taking the game in this picture.  Her body posture is so intense and her little hand is protecting her hard won marbles from the brother.  No comment on the outfit, we just go with it.

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