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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hank's Birthday - Part Two

I don't know if it is just a "mother-son" thing, but that little boy is so gorgeous that it breaks my heart.  Maybe it is just those big brown eyes.  Maybe I am just a dork.
It was strange how he seemed to know what to do.  We lit the candle and started singing "Happy Birthday".  He waited patiently until we were finished and then went to blow out the candle.  Maybe he saw his sister do it a few months ago and remembered.
Those of you who do baby sign language will know what this sign means.  MORE MORE!  He wants to blow the candle out again.
Dorky child.
This would not be the first time Sophia has caught her hair on fire with birthday candles.
The party people were mandated by Sophia to all wear hats.  Soph looks like a unicorn with hers on the front of her head. 

Sophia got REALLY excited about the silly string.  No one was safe.
Hank received a cowboy and indian dress up set.  Because we are in England, the cowboy outfit came with a canteen instead of a gun.  ha ha
Soph was Sheriff Cranky Pants who was battling against the dastardly indian outlaw....
.....Chief Smells Like Cabbage.  Not sure what she was supposed to do against the Chief as he was armed with a bow and suction cup arrow and a tomahawk and all the Sheriff had was a map and a canteen.  She made the only reasonable choice and chucked the canteen at his head.  Hank snatched the tomahawk and proceeded to torture the dogs until it was taken away....poor poor Daisy girl.

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