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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How They Play

If you have ever wondered about that whole nature versus nurture thing, come to our house and observe these two goofs play.
She came downstairs dressed like a super fancy princess and perched herself on the ledge of the toy house.  She proceeded to make various dramatic faces and poses until we responded to her play acting. 

She was playing the four year old version of rapunzel. 

She took this photo for her brother.  The child (Hank) loves loves loves bees.  He likes to catch them, hold them, and then let them go.  We have tried to stop this about a zillion times, but he ignores us.  One of the bees he caught recently was not super happy about the whole idea of being held in a clumsey two year old's little paws.  When the bee stung him, Hank was SHOCKED and I think his feelings were a bit hurt.  Then he realized that it hurt, really hurt.
(We now know - he is not allergic)
I thought the sting would deter him from future bee holding attempts - I was wrong.
He continues to be interested in bees, but is much much more gentle, and spends more time looking at them rather than trying to hold them.

Rather than playing rapunzel with his sister, Hank spends his spare time practicing his war fighting skills.

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