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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Church

Prior to visiting friends to share some Christmas cheer we went to a nice church service to sing carols.  Hank wasn't exactly excited about going.  The real problem with Hank was that he didn't want to wear the clothes I had chosen for him and he had a nightmare of a fit until Daddy let him pick out his own hideous choice of green flannel and corduroy pants.
Some battles are just not worth the fight.
Sophia on the other hand went a little over board with her festive dress.  She even convinced me to let her wear my fake fur wrap AND make up.  She pranced to the church like a little Miss Prissy Pants.

The only negative aspect of the evening was that we didn't know many of the songs and the ones we knew didn't sound anything like the the way we usually sing them.  Oh well, there was mulled wine and mince pies afterwards and one can't complain about that!  :)

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