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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lands End

Went to the most South Westerly point of England, Lands End a couple of days ago.  It was so unbelievably windy and cold and windy!  It was so windy that we had to hold onto the kids very tightly as they were being knocked over by the gusts.  There was much crying and complaining during the short walk from the car to beach / picture spot.  It was strongly suggested that we return home immediately after the above photo was taken.  After having spent two hours in the car driving to Lands End we decided it would be wrong to just take the photo.
We convinced the kids to walk a couple miles out to a cool castle and the lovely view of the little village pictured below.  The beach in the photo was AMAZING!  Apparently it is awesome for surfing but as the weather was horrible we didn't see any surfers out there.  It was just as well as the strong onshore winds were crumbling the waves.  It was lovely to look at all the same.

The above was a photo of the windiest spot.  The husband was clutching the kids as the wind was threatening to flip poor Sophia right off the bench.
Quick map check while seeking shelter beside the castle. 
Pretty pretty Daisy girl!
I love how Sophia's hair is standing almost straight up as Hank's hood is as well.  The wind was really incredible!  Madison Wisconsin was only a few thousand miles away!

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  1. I want to go to Land's End too, but I think we'll wait until spring...