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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Decorating the Tree

It was around the 17th that we finally got the tree out and began the decorating. 

It was really nice choosing the ornaments and remembering where we got each one.  Soph liked seeing the ones she had made the year or so before.

Daddy was even excited when he found his old "polliwog" ornament from his cousins. 

Hank was impressed with his dinosaur ornament from Nahla last year.  He was also pretty excited about Sophia's Nemo ornament that her great Aunt got for her when she was just a little Nemo obsessed baby girl.

The same Great Aunt was responsible for a very special snow globe that has entraced both children.  Hank just couldn't stop looking at it.  Sophia wanted to know why there was a snow globe with the characters from her nativity show.

We had our little tree from the old apartment which went into the toy room.  Soph was particularly excited and had to pose with it!

A dorky Christmas family before we insisted the dogs take part in our photos

About a second into the tree decorating, Hank could no longer be bothered to decorate the tree.  He found his own little window seat and sat playing with his cars. 


  1. Love the new family photo on the header!!

  2. Ahh, the Poliwog ornament - I wasn't sure he would let anyone see it :)