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Monday, December 26, 2011

They Will Be Missed

Moonshine and Taco, my mama and daddy's dogs went to doggy heaven today.
The day has not been an easy one.

Taco was around twelve years old.  He was my mama's little buddy.  Fierce defender of his home and family and tireless hunter of ground hogs.  He was a proper country dog and even up until his last days he surveyed the farm multiple times a day to ensure everything was in proper order.  But he was also a loving sweetheart puppy boy.  He would always let me hold him like a baby and call him "Taco Baby,"  even when he got much too big for me to do so.  He was also a cuddler who would never turn down the chance to sleep in the human bed and would be up and under the covers after only the beginning of an invitation.  His happy puppy dances will be missed more than anything!

Moonshine was born in Uruguay, bred in a puppy mill, and saved from a potential disastrous beginning when she about six month old.  After experiencing country living for a few months, she moved in with my mama (regardless of any one's wishes) and stayed there ever since.  She was eleven years old.  She was the kindest most patient dog ever. 
In the above photo she and taco were checking Sophia out about three days after she was born.  Neither dog had ever seen a human baby before.  Taco took it upon himself to guard the baby and not allow anyone near her unless he approved.  Moonshine, on the other hand, thought it was her job to wash the baby nearly....all the time!  Sophia had the cleanest baby face ever!

Three sisters celebrating Christmas. 

Moonshine was so tolerant that she allowed the children to wallow her to death.  She never growled or even grumbled, I think she may have enjoyed all the attention.  She certainly never got up and walked away.  She has had a close relationship will all the children in our family.  And when she didn't have a human child to love on, she carried around her stuffed animal babies.  She rarely went anywhere without a "baby" in her mouth.  Her calm patience and constant happiness will be missed. 

Both Taco and Moonshine were very special dogs and they will be missed terribly.  It makes me feel better to think that they are up in doggy heaven cavorting with our other dogs and that we will throw the tennis ball for Moon and take Taco hunting again one day. A somewhat childish thought, but comforting all the same. 
Twelve years is such a long time but it seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye with these two wonderful puppies!