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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wii Would Like To Play

Since it does little good dwelling on the sad happenings of yesterday, we shall focus on happier things.  Not that we will so quickly put the situation out of our minds, but because they are at peace, they know how much we love them, and we must be at peace as well. 

A few days back we set up our wii.  We have had it for the entire time we have been in England, but just never really played it very often.  That has changed!!

Sword fighting is the favorite game for now.  The dancing game is pretty popular, but nothing compares to taking on the attacking hordes and cutting them down without mercy.  Hank started playing this game with no pants on.  He was the pantless swordsman.  He didn't care.

We finally got him to be the underwear warrior so we could take photos.  He was o into the game that he couldn't have cared less what he was wearing.

As soon as we got Hank to wear some clothes, Sophia decided her shirt was hindering his movement and insisted it come off!  She was clearly a much better sword fighter without the shirt getting in the way.

They were both so funny about the game got so into it.  Who knew a two and five year old could be so excited about sword fighting.

Needless to say the Daddy had to get involved too!  I love how he and Hank are both in their matching warrior stances!  What a team!  The hordes didn't stand a chance against the Beany Warriors!

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