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Friday, January 20, 2012

More Hiking

It seems like all we do it go hiking.  Here are some more photos from one of our latest adventures out in the fresh air.

 As usual, the Husband is just one big kid! 
 She managed to get out onto the rock all by herself.  And even after hiking over 4 miles.

 Just like her mother, Sophia would rather track our progress on the map than actually look around and see the landscape.  It must be genetic.
 Something that is also genetic and coming from the Mama, Hank is lazy!  He pretty much avoids hiking at all costs.  Mainly he just rides on someone's shoulders.
So maybe I exaggerate a little bit, as here he is actually walking on his own two feet!  he was carrying his sword just in case we met up with dragons, brigands, or other dangerous characters that need to be intimidated! 
Hiking with these guys makes me crazy sometimes as we have to stop ALL the time. I think we had to stop for snacks after we only walked about a quarter of a mile! Seriously!?!?!  KEEP WALKING!

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