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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scorhill Standing Stone

This past weekend we loaded the fam up and went for a hike up on the moors.  We are trying really hard to see as much as we can before leaving the country this spring.  This trip was to see some very remote standing stones and to climb through Tolmen rock.
The standing stones are comparative to stonehenge except they are smaller and there are less people mobbing the area.  They are also not fenced off and we could touch them.  There was also added bonus of the wild dartmoor ponies.  Can't say anything bad about this hike except that it was too short and too windy.

Me climbing through the Tolmen rock.  The legend is that if you climb through the hold in this rock you will be protected from rhumetism for the rest of your life.  Who knows if it will work or not, but it can't hurt to try it. 

Hanging out at the standing stones.  I love how one can see the vastness of the moors in the background.  Beautiful!

the new banner photo is of the family at the Scorhill Standing Stones.

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