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Monday, February 13, 2012

Aquarium Fun

Spent the day at the aquarium.  Fun was had by all!

This fish though that he could get to Hank's snacks.  He and his brothers and sisters kept hanging around where we were sitting and trying to get to the goldfish snacks. 

My favorite fish at the aquarium is the conger eel!  There are two congers in this part of the aquarium.  Most of the time they sleep, but on this day the were swimming around looking for eel food!

Hank and Sophia both love the aquarium but Hank is a bit more hands on and insists on being as close to the fish as he can get.  Soph, on the other hand is happy to sit in the chairs and watch the fish from a distance while she shoved oreo cooking in her mouth!

The sign she is giving is a combination of a thumbs up and a wave!


  1. Who is that big girl giving every one a thumbs up and a wave. Is it a mean guy? Maybe a good guy. I can not belive how big girl she looks.

  2. She really does have a wide fly board just like her mother.